Job Title:  Postdoctoral Fellow

Location of Position:  Austin, Texas

Employing Institution:  ICES, University of Texas at Austin

Description of Position:: Professor J. T. Oden of ICES  announces the availability of a postdoctoral  of position  in ICES, beginning mid Fall 2018 or early 2019, in the area  of UQ , with applications to material science and computational oncology. 

Minimum Qualifications:  Applicants must have a Ph.D. in areas related to computational mechanics, They should have a strong strong background in applied  and computational mathematics,  FEMs, HPC programming , and computational mechanics with some knowledge of ML and Bayesian  statistics.

Application Procedure:   The interested candidates should submit a CV, a brief (max one page) statement of research interests, and send to Prof. Oden at [email protected]

Contact Information:
Lorraine Sanchez, [email protected]