Job Title: Post-Doctoral Research Associate (Nuclear Engineering)

Location of Position: Knoxville, Tennessee

Employing Institution: University of Tennessee

Description of Position: (salary $5,000/month) Postdoctoral researcher will be responsible for performing computer simulations and developing computational models for nuclear fuel performance, with a specific focus on using the BISON fuel performance code developed at Idaho National Laboratory. The fuel performance simulations will evaluate several concepts proposed as accident tolerant fuel, to assess the thermo-mechanical performance during normal and off-normal light water reactor conditions, as well as to investigate the behavior of nuclear fuel at high burnup with a focus on fuel fragmentation during anticipated loss of coolant accidents, and/or to evaluate the performance of TRISO fuel forms in advanced reactor concepts.

Minimum Qualifications: The successful applicant will have prior research experience with engineering-scale thermal mechanical structural mechanics modeling and/or nuclear fuel performance modeling.  The post-doctoral researcher will be expected to publish original research in refereed journal articles and work with a team of scientists from multiple institutions, including Oak Ridge National Laboratory and Idaho National Laboratory. The successful candidate must be eligible to receive access to the BISON software licensed through Idaho National Laboratory, and will also be expected to work with both undergraduate and graduate students, as well as PhD level scientists.

Qualifications require a PhD in nuclear engineering or materials science, applied physics. Good verbal and written communication in English is required.

Application Procedure: Submit application

Contact Information: Brian Wirth ([email protected])

Closing Date: 07/20/2020