Job Title: Post-Doctoral Researcher at Northwestern -- Simulation of Metal-Based Additive Manufacturing

Location of Position: Evanston, Illinois

Employing Institution: Northwestern University

Description of Position: The Department of Mechanical Engineering at Northwestern University is seeking a post-doctoral fellow to conduct research in the computational simulation of metal additive manufacturing processes. The post-doctoral researcher will work with Prof. Greg Wagner and collaborators to develop new numerical formulations for the simulation of multiphase, multicomponent thermal-fluid flows, implement models in a high-performance computing environment, and validate against experiments, while developing innovative data-driven techniques for analysis and application of results. Responsibilities include project planning and execution, supervision of students, oral and written presentation of results, and proposal development.

Minimum Qualifications: 

  • Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering or a closely related field, with a strong background in numerical simulation, fluid flow, and heat transfer.
  • Experience coding in C++ for distributed-memory parallel simulations
  • Strong oral and written communication skills

Desired Qualifications:

  • Knowledge of unstructured-mesh CFD formulations such as FEM, FVM, or CVFEM
  • Familiarity with multi-phase flow simulation techniques such as level-set methods, volume of fluid, phase-field models, or Lagrangian particle tracking
  • Experience machine learning, surrogate model development, or other data-driven modeling techniques.
  • A demonstrated ability to work in cross-disciplinary teams that include both modelers and experimentalists

Application Procedure: Interested applicants should send a copy of their current CV, along with a cover letter or email, and names and contact info of at least three references. All applications should be submitted via email in a single PDF document to:

Prof. Greg Wagner, Associate Professor,
Department of Mechanical Engineering
Northwestern University
Email: [email protected]

Contact Information: Greg Wagner - [email protected]


Closing Date: 01/01/2021