Job Title: R&D Computational Solid Mechanics

Location of Position: Albuquerque, New Mexico

Employing Institution: Sandia National Laboratories

Description of Position: Are you passionate about research and development of novel numerical methods? We are seeking a dedicated and driven candidate with interests in finite element application and analysis to transient dynamic problems, large to extreme deformation mechanics, and multi-physics simulation. More specifically, analyses will examine blast on structures, impact of structures, impact of projectiles on structures with interests in developing next-generation computational methods for shock-Lagrange coupling for blast-structural response. Experience with simulations using a wide range of tools, including both Lagrangian and Eulerian finite element codes, is desirable. The selected candidate would work with a highly motivated team to design and implement methods for simulating problems in challenging application spaces including large deformations of foams and elastomers, impact/crash of complex mechanical systems, and the mechanical, thermal, electromechanical, and chemical responses of dynamically loaded materials. The ability to translate analysis methods and results into usable and actionable knowledge for program decision-makers is essential.

On any given day, you may be required to perform key functions of the role to include:

  • Application of the principles of solid mechanics and use of advanced computational finite-element methods to provide engineering solutions
  • Prediction of complex, nonlinear material behavior from deformation to failure in multi-physics environments, and full-system scale finite element modeling of transient dynamic events (e.g., crash, crush and impact)
  • Collaborating closely with other computational and experimental mechanics specialists
  • Partnering with staff in the multi-physics code development teams to drive technical innovation to robust predictive capabilities
  • Working with internal customers on technical details of projects, discussing simulation results, and negotiating deliverables

Minimum Qualifications: 

  • Master's and four years’ experience, or a Ph.D. in Mechanical, Civil, Aerospace Engineering, Computer Science, Applied Mathematics or related field
  • Experience in nonlinear computational mechanics
  • Experience in research, development, and programming of numerical methods such as finite element methods
  • Record of research as demonstrated by conference presentations and journal publications
  • The ability to obtain a DOE Q clearance

Application Procedure: R&D Mechanical Engineer (Experienced) Sandia National Laboratories, Albuquerque, NM Posting Number 680046

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