Technical Thrust Area
Manufacturing and Materials Processing

Understanding the dependencies between manufacturing process parameters, material structure, physical properties, and resulting performance is vital to the production of reliable parts and devices. The focus of the Manufacturing and Materials Processing TTA is the development and application of computational simulation tools that allow the prediction of these process-structure-property-performance links. Computational modeling plays an integral role in the continued improvement of traditional manufacturing techniques like machining and casting, but especially in the innovation and growth of advanced manufacturing techniques such as additive manufacturing, stereolithography, nano-manufacturing, and other technologies. Manufacturing techniques of interest under this TTA have application to a variety of materials including metals, ceramics, polymers, semiconductors, textiles, composites, and biological tissue.

Computing is the backbone of the developing Fourth Industrial Revolution, allowing interconnection of physical systems, sensor data, and digital twins to form automated smart manufacturing processes. Consequently, research under the TTA also includes approaches to achieve this connectivity through AI and machine learning, data processing, and reduced order modeling for real-time control, as well as the optimization of designs and processes.

Topics of interest under this TTA include:

  • Multiscale and multiphysics process simulation
  • Microstructure and material state prediction
  • Property and performance modeling, including mechanical, thermal, electro-magnetic, and chemo/biological behavior
  • Uncertainty quantification for part reliability
  • Reduced-order and data-driven modeling
  • Topology, material, and process optimization
Committee Chair: Neil Hodge, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
Vice-Chair: Greg Wagner, Northwestern University
Member-at-Large: Christian Peco, The Pennsylvania State University


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