USACM Technical Thrust Areas


The primary rationale behind establishing USACM Technical Thrust Areas or TTAs is to invigorate the USACM Executive Council's adopted thrust areas following a structured approach. The thrust areas should reflect current research trends and priorities in the national and international Computational Engineering and Sciences landscape.

TTA Charter

Each TTA will be charged with the following tasks:

  1. Organize tracks for mini-symposia in the technical thrust areas at every USNCCM;
  2. Coordinate USACM sponsored thematic conferences and workshops in the TTA;
  3. Be responsible for the organization of at least one thematic conference in a two-year cycle;
  4. Maintain a TTA website documenting all activities;
  5. Each TTA will be reviewed for renewal and continuation, in every two year cycle.


  1. Each TTA will be run by a committee, consisting of a Chair, Vice-Chair and two committee members. All committee members should be established researchers in the subject area.
  2. Each TTA committee should include at least one junior member of the research community (Assisant Professor, Post-Doctoral Fellow at a national laboratory, etc.). Diversity (gender and race-based minorities) in the TTA committees should be encouraged.
  3. In the start-up period, USACM EC members who have been identified as mentors of each TTA will work with the broad Computational Engineering and Sciences community to identify members of the TTA committees.
  4. Each TTA will maintain a website with its activities which will be hosted by USACM.